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The French Savoir-faire Crémeux des Cîteaux

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Autumn 2013 :

The “Crémeux des Cîteaux”
and its rosemary


  • 1 fresh “Crémeux des Cîteaux”
  • 0.700 kg of fresh seasonal fruits
  • 0.300 kg of red berries
  • 4 branches of rosemary
  • 25 cl of liquid cream


1. Infuse the cream and rosemary at a very low heat for 15 min

2. Wash, dry and cut the fruit into small pieces

3. Cut and mash the “Crémeux des Cîteaux

4. Mix in and lather the “Crémeux des Cîteaux”
and the infusion with a mixer or blender

5. Lay the pieces of fruits in plates or glasses

6. Place the “Crémeux des Cîteaux” mousse on the top with a spoon or a siphon

7. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving


The “Crémeux des Cîteaux” is a triple cream cheese that takes its name from the Abbey of Cîteaux in Gilly- lès-Cîteaux located in Burgundy and founded by Cistercian monks in 1098. The name comes from the creamy texture of the cheese when matured. Le Crémeux des Cîteaux is made from whole cow's milk selected from the best pastures of Burgundy by the only cheese factory located in Gilly-lès-Cîteaux since 1969.

Manufacturing techniques

Made in the spirit of the Brillat-Savarin, the Crémeux des Cîteaux features a virgin rind and an ivory interior that smells whipped cream. The secret of this cheese is that it has to be matured for a long time to obtain this concentrated flavor and this creamy texture in the mouth.

Taste and texture

The Crémeux des Cîteaux has a milky and butter flavor. More the cheese is matured, more its flavor is refined and the taste will remain in your mouth. This is a creamy cheese which flows slowly and spontaneously in the spoon when it is matured.

Why did we choose the Crémeux des Cîteaux?

Its microbiology requests a low temperature for optimum maturation which will guarantee you this texture and this fine taste in the mouth.

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Rodolphe's advises

Serve with Champagne or light but long finish Burgundy. Serve on bread or crackers, the Crémeux des Citeaux also goes wonderfully with raw or smoked fish such as salmon.

The extra

Crémeux des Citeaux mousse with rosemary goes with all fresh fruits.

The trick

Keep the stalk when cleaning the red berries.

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