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The French Savoir-faire Fleur de Nuit

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Spring 2014:

Fleur de Nuits and bacon pie


  • 2 Fleur de Nuits chesses
  • 1 puff pastry
  • Whole mustard
  • 2 onions
  • 500 g of plain bacon
  • 200 g of smoked bacon


1. Put the pastry in a pie pan, bake for 5 minutes

2. Brush the pastry with whole mustard

3. Add the onions thinly sliced

4. Then the bacon sliced into allumettes or diced

5. Slice the cheese and lay on the pie

6. Bake at 180° for 35 minutes


Fleur de Nuits is a double cream cheese whose origin dates back in the 14th century, it is produced in the heart of the famous vineyards of Burgundy. It takes its name from Nuits-Saint-Georges, the Gallic village of Champagne, adjacent to Burgundy and Auxerroise region. Fleur de Nuits is made from whole cow's milk, selected from the best pastures of Burgundy.

Manufacturing techniques

Cow's milk is curdled with rennet for 24 hours. The curd obtained is then placed in round molds with perforated bottom, to strain it better. Then, the new cheeses are unmolded, salted and dried on ryestraw. The manufacturing process takes approximately 14 days and maturing at least three weeks at low temperature.

Taste and texture

Fleur de Nuits is a creamy cheese flowing spontaneously and slowly in the mouth when it is matured. An intense cream, a good taste punctuated by a mushroom aroma released by the crust. Its taste is both seasoned and long in mouth.

Why have we chosen the Fleur de Nuits?

The box allows a slower maturation and facilitates handling. Once the cheese is matured, it is best to consume it in its box with a spoon.

Les conseils de Rodolphe

Serve the Fleur de Nuits and bacon pie with Pinot noir or Champagne.

The trick

Add some fresh sage on the pie at the end of baking

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Rodolphe's recipe

Rodolphe's recipe

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